Neurodiversity Affirming Strengths Based Coaching

About US

Welcome to Social Proof, the coaching and team development company that specialises in celebrating neurodiversity and empowering individuals with ADHD, Autism, and other neurodivergent diagnosis to reach their potential in the workplace.

We understand that navigating the workplace can be difficult, especially for individuals with ADHD, Autism and Learning Disorders. That’s why our team of experts provides personalised training and coaching to help neurodiverse individuals manage workplace challenges and educate their teams on new ways of working to support them.

Neurodiversity & Inclusion Training For Managers

Neurodiversity Awareness


This workshop is designed for employees at all levels within an organization. It’s beneficial for individuals who want to gain a foundational understanding of neurodiversity, including managers, HR professionals, team members, and even executives. It helps create a common language and awareness around neurodiversity, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic workplace.


Building Inclusive Cultures


The Building Inclusive Cultures Workshop is designed for organisations aiming to create a comprehensive culture of diversity and inclusion. It’s suitable for HR professionals, diversity and inclusion officers, senior leaders, and decision-makers. This workshop is beneficial for those looking to develop a holistic strategy that embraces all forms of diversity and creates a workplace culture where every individual’s unique qualities are celebrated and leveraged.


Organisational Programs

At the heart of our offerings are transformative 12-week Leader As Coach and Peer As Coach flagship  programs. These specialised programs are exclusively available to organisations seeking to empower their employees with essential coaching skills and cultivate a culture of collaboration.

Elevate your team’s performance by harnessing the power of diversity. Our Twelve Week Programs blend coaching principles with team dynamics to optimise collaboration, innovation, and productivity.  

        Leader As Coach Program Highlights: 

  • Effective Coaching Techniques: Leaders gain a profound understanding of coaching methodologies, enhancing their ability to guide, motivate, and empower their teams. Coaching fosters growth, engagement, and collaboration.

  • Neurodiversity Workshops: Participants engage in specialised workshops that increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity. Leaders learn to recognise diverse strengths and adapt their coaching approach to create an inclusive and supportive workplace.

  • Empowerment and Transformation: Armed with coaching skills and neurodiversity insights, leaders become agents of positive change. They empower teams, foster innovation, and champion diversity, leading to enhanced team dynamics and overall performance.


        Peer As Coach Program Highlights:

  • Coaching Fundamentals: Participants will gain an understanding of the core principles of effective coaching, honing their communication, active listening, and motivational skills to guide their peers towards success.

  • Neurodiversity Education: Gain a deep understanding of neurodiversity – its strengths, challenges, and the unique perspectives it brings. Participants become advocates for inclusivity and agents of change.

  • Integrating Coaching and Neurodiversity: Uniting coaching skills with neurodiversity insights, peers develop a powerful toolkit to support colleagues. This synergy enhances team dynamics, engagement, and overall workplace well-being.

Diverse and Inclusive Teams Perform Better

Diverse and Inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% in team based assessments.

Neurodivergent Individuals Are More Productive

People living with neurodivergence are 30% more productive than non-neurodivergent people

Diverse Teams Are Happier

According to Harvard Business Review, neurodiversity is a competitive challenge.

ADHD and Autism Navigation and Coaching:

  • Combines education and support for individuals with ADHD or Autism.
  • Helps individuals navigate daily challenges and develop necessary skills and strategies.
  • Involves coaching, education, and resources.

Understanding the differences between coaching, training, mentoring, therapy, and ADHD and Autism navigation and coaching can help individuals choose the most appropriate approach to meet their specific needs and goals.

Why Social Proof?

For employees, our coaching can lead to improved workplace performance, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced professional relationships. Individuals seeking personal growth will benefit from newfound self-awareness, confidence, and strategies to navigate daily life with ADHD.

What's The Coaching Difference?


Focuses on helping clients achieve specific goals and develop skills and strategies.

Emphasises the present and future.

Short-term process with a focus on a specific area of life.


Involves structured and formal learning in a specific area.

Focuses on developing specific competencies or abilities.


Involves a more experienced individual guiding and supporting a less experienced individual.

Focuses on developing the mentee’s skills and knowledge.

Provides advice, feedback, and encouragement.


Focuses on addressing underlying psychological or emotional problems.

Typically a long-term process focused on improving mental health.