Peer As Coach

Twelve Week Programs

Elevate your team’s performance by harnessing the power of diversity. Our Six Week Programs blend coaching principles with team dynamics to optimise collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Participants will gain the skills to lead diverse teams towards shared goals, fostering a culture of excellence.

        Peer As Coach Program Highlights:

  • Coaching Fundamentals: Participants will gain an understanding of the core principles of effective coaching, honing their communication, active listening, and motivational skills to guide their peers towards success.

  • Neurodiversity Education: Gain a deep understanding of neurodiversity – its strengths, challenges, and the unique perspectives it brings. Participants become advocates for inclusivity and agents of change.

  • Integrating Coaching and Neurodiversity: Uniting coaching skills with neurodiversity insights, peers develop a powerful toolkit to support colleagues. This synergy enhances team dynamics, engagement, and overall workplace well-being.