Neurodiversity Inclusion Training

Full & Half Day Workshops

Choose the workshop format that best suits your schedule and learning preferences. Our Full-Day Workshops offer a thorough 5-hour exploration of the subject, allowing for in-depth discussions and interactive activities. Alternatively, our Half-Day Workshops deliver essential concepts and skills in a focused 3-hour session, ideal for busy professionals seeking efficient yet impactful learning. Whichever format you choose, you’ll benefit from engaging discussions, interactive exercises, and valuable takeaways to enhance your skills and knowledge

Neurodiversity Awareness : Fostering Inclusion and Understanding

Our Neurodiversity Awareness Workshop is thoughtfully crafted to benefit employees across all organisational tiers. Designed for individuals seeking a fundamental grasp of neurodiversity, this workshop is an invaluable resource for managers, HR professionals, team members, and executives alike.

What to Expect:

  • A Foundation of Knowledge: Dive into the world of neurodiversity, understanding its nuances, significance, and impact on the workplace.

  • Creating a Common Language: Develop a shared vocabulary around neurodiversity, facilitating more open and empathetic discussions among employees.

  • Inclusivity in Practice: Gain insights into creating a workspace that values diversity and caters to the unique strengths and talents of every individuals

Building Inclusive Cultures Workshop: Nurturing Diversity for Organizational Success

Our Building Inclusive Cultures Workshop is strategically designed to empower organizations in creating a diverse and welcoming environment. Tailored for professionals across all levels, including leaders, managers, HR teams, and employees, this workshop delves into the art of fostering inclusivity for enhanced organizational success.

Key Workshop Elements:

  • Understanding Inclusion: Gain an in-depth comprehension of inclusion’s significance and its role in building resilient, innovative, and high-performing teams.

  • Cultural Awareness: Explore strategies to cultivate cultural competence, enabling effective collaboration among a diverse workforce.

  • Inclusive Leadership: Equip leaders and managers with skills to lead inclusively, fostering environments where every individual thrives.

  • Effective Communication: Learn inclusive communication techniques that bridge differences, promote understanding, and strengthen team dynamics.

  • Promoting Equity: Discover methods to identify and address unconscious biases, ensuring a level playing field for all employees.

Twelve Week Programs

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey that seamlessly blends workshops, group coaching, and neurodiversity awareness. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the essential principles of coaching while also fostering a deep understanding of neurodiversity and its impact.

Through interactive workshops, you’ll delve into the core concepts of coaching, effective communication, and the art of fostering growth-oriented conversations. These workshops provide the bedrock for your coaching journey, enabling you to comprehend the intricate dynamics of coaching relationships.

Complementing the workshops is an immersive group coaching experience, where you’ll engage in insightful discussions, receive valuable feedback, and practice coaching techniques within a supportive community. Additionally, our neurodiversity awareness sessions will help you grasp the nuances of working with diverse minds, fostering empathy and inclusion within your coaching interactions.

Leaders As Coaches

Elevate your leadership with our Leader as Coach Program, combining coaching skills and neurodiversity awareness.
 This program empowers leaders to excel as coaches and champions of neurodiversity, fostering a culture of growth, empathy, and high performance.

Program Overview

  • Build Foundations: Workshop 1 introduces coaching principles with a neurodiversity focus, enhancing communication and identifying development needs.

  • Practice Inclusive Coaching: Group Coaching Sessions 1-6 provide hands-on coaching application across diverse scenarios, while addressing biases for inclusive coaching practices.

  • Advance Inclusive Leadership: Workshop 2 integrates neurodiversity awareness and growth reflection, expanding feedback techniques for diverse teams.

  • Receive Personalized Guidance: 1:1 Feedback Sessions offer tailored feedback and recommendations for continual growth and inclusive leadership.

Peers As Coaches

Empower your employees as  peer coaches who excel in coaching and champions neurodiversity. This program fosters a culture of understanding, growth, and collaboration through skilful coaching and inclusive practices.

Program Overview

  • Establish Coaching Fundamentals: Workshop 1 introduces coaching principles within a neurodiversity context, enhancing communication and recognizing development needs.

  • Apply Inclusive Coaching: Group Coaching Sessions 1-6 provide practical coaching application across diverse scenarios, focusing on unbiased communication.

  • Advance Inclusive Interaction: Workshop 2 integrates neurodiversity awareness and growth reflection, advancing feedback techniques for diverse interactions.